Can I Buy Your Home for Cash?

Chances are you have either received a letter or heard a commercial with an investor looking to "Buy your home for cash!" They promise an easy transaction and a fair price. And everytime I hear or see one of their advertisements, I become infuriated. These “buy for cash” investors are trying to buy your home without competition. Oftentimes, they will purchase the home, make minimal repairs, and put it on the market for 25%-200% more than they paid, making lots of money at the previous owner’s expense. I see this happen way too often, and I understand why desperate sellers turn to them. Many times the homes belong to aging individuals and they feel overwhelmed by the process of clearing out the home and getting it ready to sell. Other times, the home is part of an estate, and the person in charge of the estate doesn’t have the time, money, or energy to deal with the logistics of selling the home. I also see homes being sold to the wholesalers because there are needed repairs that the owner doesn’t feel equipped to handle, either emotionally or financially. Whatever the reason, most turn to wholesalers out of desperation. But it shouldn’t be that way. 


I have a team of people who work with me to get homes in any condition ready for you to sell, and I am the one who will coordinate the work. From a dumpster company, clear out crew, cleaning company, handyman, painters, an estate company, and so many more, we will work on your behalf to ensure that your property goes on the competitive market so that you get the actual value of the home, not the discounted rate the wholesalers are offering. 


If you or someone you know is considering selling a home to a wholesaler, please encourage them to reach out to a realtor equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure they get the home’s actual value. I listed several properties that would have been prime candidates for wholesalers: aging parent moving to assisted living with a lifetime of belongings and properties that were part of estates. My team got them cleared out, cleaned, and ready for market. All of the homes received multiple offers and all sold above asking price. Competition drives price, and I am happy to do that work on your behalf.


If you hear someone talking about selling their home or their family’s home to a wholesaler, please urge them to speak to a realtor first, me preferably :) And as always, thank you for trusting me with your friends and family. I am honored and humbled by the business that you all have sent me. If you ever have questions about the market conditions or how to become an investor or just want to catch up, please reach out. 


Your favorite realtor,