How to Appeal Your Property Taxes

This information is for the residents of Douglas County specifically. If you live elsewhere and want to discuss your county’s tax assessment and file an official protest, let me know and I can help you too.


Every year at the end of May, the nice people of Douglas County send me a tax assessment for our home for the next year. And pretty much without fail, the assessed value of my house goes up, which is to be expected since the actual value of my home has increased rather significantly over the last year. But no one wants to pay more in taxes, regardless of the fact that it is good news that your home is going up in value. This year I still feel fortunate because the assessed value has only increased by a little less than $25,000, a relatively low number in comparison to some of the stories I have heard.


If your home’s assessed value has gone up rather significantly in the last year, you do have the option to fight the assessment. In our first home, our assessment came back with some crazy number, and I fought it. And while they didn’t take my number, they did lower my assessment for the following year. 


If you plan to fight your valuation, here are some important dates to keep in mind. These dates come directly from Douglas County Board of Equalization, the entity that determines assessed value. But most importantly, you only have until June 30 to file.


June 1: The first day real property valuation protests can be filed with the Douglas County Board of Equalization (BOE).


June 1: The first day the BOE is open to the public.


June 30: The last day real property valuation protests can be filed with the BOE.

July 15: The last day reports of destroyed real property (Form 425) can be filed with the Douglas County Assessor/Register of Deeds and Douglas County Clerk.


By August 10    The BOE will determine final 2022 property valuations for all real property valuation protests that were reviewed by the BOE and its referees.


By August 10    The BOE will make a decision on all reports of destroyed real property (Form 425).


By August 18, Douglas County will mail a written notice of the BOE's decision to the protester/property owner.


September 12: The last day to file an appeal of the BOE’s decision on a real property valuation protest to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC). For more info on TERC, visit


Here is the form that you need to fill out to challenge your assessment if you want to mail it into the Board. Here is the link if you would like to do it online. If you have questions on how to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for your home to challenge your assessment, I would be happy to help you through that process. It’s what I do every day in real estate


As always, thank you for trusting me with your friends and family. I am honored and humbled by the business that you all have sent me since my move to full time. (I hit my second quarter goal a WHOLE MONTH EARLY!) If you ever have questions about the market conditions or how to become an investor or just want to catch up, please reach out. 


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